Bonus 1 Clearwater Page Templates

Due to the situation at the moment with the Corona Virus I thought I would give you guys a bit of a boost by giving you one of my MPP Quick Start templates as a freebie. If you want to see what the theme looks like then just hop over to

Then follow the videos below for how to implement the theme into your sites to make it easier for you to build your Lead Gen Sites.

You will need to buy the premium version of Generate Press, but its only $49.95 per year so not going to break the bank You can get it from Generate Press Premium. As a disclaimer that is my affiliate link.

The first video shows how to use the page templates and the other two show you how to setup the customiser and how to create the Element Headers.

All of the code for the headers and the CSS is in the doc inside the zip file. You will need to add the required Xfields into your MPP page.


Using The Clearwater Page Templates

Adjusting The Customiser

Setting Up Element Headers

This is just from a small part of the training inside MPP Quick Start.

To get the zip file go HERE

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Did you know that the Magic Page Plugin has the WP Schema Builder built in Plus its own Dynamic Backlink Builder?

If you haven’t got Magic Page Plugin then go here