Learn How To Jumpstart Your MPP Builds With

MPP Quick Start

Are you new to Magic Page Plugin?

Or have you had it for sometime but not quite got your head around all of its features?

Then MPP Quick Start is just what you are looking for.

This is not a course where I am teaching you what I think might work….

This is a course where I am teaching you what I know works….

You are going to watch over my shoulder as I:

  • Find A Good Niche For Lead Generation
  • Check How Competitive The Niche Is
  • Find All The Keywords To Target
  • Add A Site To A Host
  • Install WordPress And Add To Cloudflare
  • Get All Of The Content
  • Create Promotional Videos
  • Build My First Lead Gen Site
  • Convert My Site Into An Evergreen Site
  • Build Supporting Sites Fast
  • Add Relevant Schema To Magic Pages
  • Add Schema To Supporting & Homepage
  • Add Relevant Videos To Main Magic Pages
  • Building Citations And Social Profiles
  • How To Monetise Your Sites
  • How To Use The Dynamic Backlink Builder

Then in the advanced section you will learn:

  • Advanced Techniques For Building Your Sites
  • Creating A Data Studio Report To Monitor Your Sites
  • How To Create And Use Directory Sites
  • Advanced Off Page SEO Techniques
  • More Ways To Monetise Your Sites
  • Advanced Dynamic Backlink Builder Techniques

A lot of the videos have been updated for 2023 as lots has changed in how I do things.

Plus there will be Monthly Webinars where you can ask me anything.

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What You’ll Get Inside The Course

In the complete course there is currently over 90 videos with more to be added.  

You will get PDF’s and/or Google Docs of the checklists I use to build and rank my sites. 

You will get copies of all of the scripts, schema and other data items that I use to build my sites 

What Others Have To Say About My Course

MPP Quick Start Advanced

  • MPPQS Basic – 62 Lessons In 14 Modules including:
  • Picking A Niche
  • Checking The Competition
  • Setting Up Your Site
  • Getting Content For Your Site
  • Building Your Site
  • Expanding Your Sites Reach
  • Turning Your Site Into An Evergreen Site
  • Deploying Your Evergreen Sites
  • MPPQS Advanced – Currently 16 Lessons In 4 Modules Including:
  • Changing URL Slug to make it hyper relevant
  • Adding A Location Search Function
  • Storing Images On CDN (Amazon S3)
  • Creating Directory Sites
  • Advanced Off Page SEO
  • And more to come
  • Dynamic Backlink Builder Training including:
  • How To Set Up Your Dynamic Backlink Builder
  • How To Set Up The Various Cloud Hosts
  • How To Upload To The Various Cloud Hosts
  • Simple Backlink Strategies
  • Advanced Backlink Strategies
  • Using Random Links
  • Adding Schema To You Backlink Pages
  • Plus Monthly training and ask me anything webinars