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If you are doing any kind of SEO whether it is client, leadgen or affiliate then if you are like me one of your biggest challenges will be getting Niche and Geo relevant backlinks to your sites or videos, or relevant embeds for your videos.

You have a number of choices:

  • Pay a fortune for Guest Posts or Niche Edits, which you don’t control and you don’t know
    • What do the sites look like?
    • Are they really getting traffic?
    • Are they really aged sites or just old expired domains?
    • Are they correctly themed for what you want?
    • What other links are on the sites?
  • Build your own PBN network. This is the better option but it has its drawbacks
    • Hosting all of your sites – on different hosts to avoid footprints
    • Building the site so they will pass a manual review. I know some people don’t however it is the preferred option.
    • Paying for the renewal of the sites each year when they are not making your money

Would you like a way to be in full control of your Link Building Strategies for all of your clients?

Well, Now You Can! For Less Than The Cost Of One Niche Edit Or Guest Post! (Unless you have missed the launch and you are paying the monthly price)

With the Magic Page Plugin Dynamic Backlink Builder you can have the ability to build unlimited industry and geo relevant local dynamic backlinks to Websites, GMBs, Videos and anything else that you want to build backlinks to.

The Magic Page Plugin Dynamic Backlink Builder  will allow you to build industry and geo relevant backlinks in 17 Countries.

  • Every Link Is Unique!
  • Every Link Is Optimised With Geo-Location Data in the Back End!
  • Every Link Has Advanced Back End SCHEMA!

But unlike the other backlink generators that put crappy unreadable spun content onto brand new web 2.0s the free backlinks you create with this backlinks tool can include, videos, maps, whatever you want to include as you are in control. Plus the can be, uploaded to:

  • Your Own PBNs,
    • create a unique PBN in minutes, which looks like a proper site and not a PBN a 5 year old could spot.
    • Because these sites a built with static html you are not limited to your standard shared hosting you can host them on Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Azure, IBM and a number of other platforms, and the beauty about that is no footprints to worry about as they will all end up with varied IP addresses.
    • You control the quality of the content so the content will be better.
    • If anything does happen you are in control and can simply delete the site or remove the links.
  • Google Cloud, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure and many many more platforms as single HTML and PDF documents, giving you link diversity.

If you are one of the lucky ones and jump in now during the launch then you get all of this for a one time fee!

It Will Soon Be Going Monthly!

Why buy backlinks to websites or other properties when you can use the best backlinks generator in your link building strategies. Get backlinks free!

When You Buy TodayYou Will Have.

  • Unlimited HTML Exports for all 17 Countries.
  • Unlimited PDF Exports for all 17 Countries.
  • Unlimited Website Exports for all 17 Countries.

Click the link to get your hands on this limited time offer. Dynamic Backlink Builder.

Dynamic Backlink Builder.
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