MPP Amazon Affiliate Site Night Vision Goggles UK Update July 23

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This video is an update for the night vision goggles site that I built on the 8th May 2023.

In the video I thought that all I had done was to add Google Analytics and Search Console to it. But when I looked at my notes, Note to self look at notes before making a video, I found I had done some changes.

When I looked at my notes, the site was on page 3 for night vision goggles for helmet within 3 days so I made some adjustments to it. The adjustments I made were that I changed the H1 of the home page, used Chat GPT4 to rewrite the product description and create a better meta description for it. The meta description chat GPT4 created I tweaked to include the phrase “night vision goggles for helmet”. Then I added a video on the home page relating to fitting night vision googles to a helmet.

Even so 11 keywords on page 1 from them changes is still quite good. 

I also realised that building a site like this in the USA  will be a dam site more lucrative once I have this one worked out. I have already bought the domain 😉 


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In the course you will be seeing over the shoulder what happens to my sites that I build, the good and the bad.  


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