MPP Toolbox New Features Oct 2023

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In this video I go over some of the mods we have done to MPP Toolbox and 2 of the new features that are currently in testing.

The first new feature is an update to the Amazon Scraper where it can now create a Review of each of the Amazon products that you have pulled in. This allows you to add more content to your sites to make them even more relevant.

But just adding all review posts would not give you a big boost as Google likes informational content as well, which is where our second mod comes in. This mod will allow you to generate blog posts for any keyword that you enter.

So combining the two you can now easily pull in Amazon products into your site, write a review for each of the products to be dripped out over time and also write some relevant content for your site as well.

In addition to that we have also modified the pricing structure so those who do not want the Amazon Affiliate parts can still get access but at a much cheaper rate.


If you haven’t got MPP Toolbox then click the button below 

When you join MPP Toolbox in addition to the Amazon Scraper tool there are another 14 tools all which will help with building MPP sites. Tools like

  • Google People Also Ask Scraper
  • Google GMB Scraper
  • Random Links Generator
  • Citations scanner
  • Schema Scraper
  • Site Map Scraper 
  • Site Value Calculator
  • and more

But there is even more!

Because now you also get access to my course on how to build Amazon Affiliate Sites with MPP. Which will take you through step by step as I build out a number of sites in different niches and with different methods. 

And there is even more. 

To help you out even further I have given you the 4 Gutenberg templates that I use for the sites for free

  1. Single niche site
  2. Multi niche site
  3. Single niche site with local search 
  4. Multi niche site with local search

And more!

Just to make sure you have no sticking points I also give you the Xfields that I use in the sites as well. 

So all you have to do is to

  • Scrape the products,
  • Import a template and the Xfields.
  • Add the database and pick a product to be your main product,
  • Then wait


In the course you will be seeing over the shoulder what happens to my sites that I build, the good and the bad.  

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