DMT Meets MPP Video 1

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This video is the first of 3 videos where I am going over and showing you how by using Digital Marketers Toolbox you can easily find the money keywords to target and then DMT will even build your silos out for you Automatically.

This is such a time saver I can now get the base structure of a site, in a niche I know nothing about, built out in just over 2 hours.

The best thing is most of the work is done by DMT and all of the keywords that it targets you know are the money keywords that are being searched for.

No more guess work.

Plus once you load the silos into your Magic Page Plugin site then build them out you will rank even easier without as many backlinks as you will be so much more relevant than your competitors

And of course Digital Marketers Toolbox can also be used for Affiliate sites as well as local sites.

It’s a time saving game changer


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DMT Meets MPP Video 2