Keyword Translation Factory URL Extract Meta Data Tool

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In this video I look at the new tool that has just been added to the Keyword Translation Factory.

This tool will allow you to put in up to 50 URLs and then it will extract all of the Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords for all of those URLs.

This can help you to craft your own Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for your sites as well as using the data on your sites to make your content totally unique.

At the moment this tool is in the free version but they are going to be moving it into the paid version. 


If you have never heard of it The Keyword Translation Factory is an awesome suite of tools developed by the Ranking Factory team. As they say it is the Swiss Army Knife of Keyword Tools.

Some of the tools it includes are: 

  • Combine Keywords
  • Spintax Spinner
  • Rearrange Words
  • LSI & Relevant Keywords
  • Top 10 Titles
  • Search Engine Silo
  • Scrub Keywords
  • Wrap Keywords
  • URL to HTML link
  • Characters Word Count

There is a FREE trial but not all of the tools are included inside the FREE trial, but as you can currently (August 2020) get it for as little as $4.97/month or $97 one time fee. It is a steal. 

Get Keyword Translation Factory Here

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