MPP Training – How To Get And Spin FAQs For Magic Pages

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In this video I answer a question that was asked in the Facebook Group which was “What is the best way to get FAQs for you Magic Pages”

I show you how by using the tool that I developed MPP Toolbox you can first get a load of FAQs for your niche. From there if you just want to upload them to MPP as is then you can as you get a file that is ready to upload using the MPP Export Import Facility. It contains all of the questions, answers, Json Schema and ready formatted with the HTML so you can easily display it on your  site. 

But I also show you how I first off edit the output to get rid of the ones that are rubbish and dates, links etc. Then how I create a number of sets of them so I can add them to a Spintext short code. When you add them to a spintext short code and then add that spintext short code to a page on your site you end up with a set of FAQs showing up randomly on each page.   


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