Lead Simplify How To Reprocess A Form Lead

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In this video I go over how to re process a form lead. 

This idea cam about when one of our users David Stephenson wanted to sell leads that had not sold at their normal price for a cheaper price. And he wasn’t sure how to do it.

For instance if you have had a lead in for 3 days at $25 and it hasn’t sold then you could try and sell it for say $10

What I worked out was to create another Industry i.e Pest Control Old and put these leads down to $10/lead. Then when the lead hits 3 days old move the lead into that Industry and you can sell it for $10. 

However as the lead had already been processed it meant that nobody got told of the lead so Martyn solved the problem by adding a couple of buttons to the Lead page. 

The first button allows you to set the lead to be unprocessed. Then you can either wait for the lead to be processed naturally or you can press the second new button which will process all leads instantly.

So now you have a way to sell your leads that haven’t been initially claimed for a cheaper price and hopefully get some money for them. 

If you guys find this a useful feature then we might look at implementing it in a more automated fashion in the future. So let us know.


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